Who would ever vote for Sloth from Goonies who Joe Biden is looking like ever since the stroke he had that the media won't mention? And no, I'm not making fun of people with Dementia, My asshole dad has Alzheimers and I have to watch over his asshole-piece of shit self.

HEY YOU GUYS!  That can't for some reason wake up. Stop eating, drinking, smoking, that bullshit that "they" put out!


  1. Boprah 2020

    Oprah donates $10 million to coronavirus relief efforts
    on April 2… hmmm [42]
    TheHill.com [TheHill=47 EO] [President 47 FR] Is where the Njews came from
    Author is JUDY KURTZ [156 EO/ 51 RFR] [ThirtyThree=156 EO] [Conspiracy 51]
    Oprah donate 10 mil. dollars on April the second (42)
    64 days or 2 months and 4 days after her b-day; and 7 months and 1 day before presidential elections [71]
    Civil Rights sums to 64 FR/ 71 RFR
    or 216 [6x6x6=]days including the end date
    Oprah is 66 years old.


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