Elvis Presley was in the movie Harum Scarum which came out on 12/15/1965.


Harum Scarum=46.


Harum Scarum is about a movie star traveling through the middle east where he is kidnapped by assassins who want to enlist him to help assassinate a king. And of course Elvis was the king of rock and roll and was vaccination for polio on 10/28/1956, Bill Gates Birthday.

Tom Hanks said he had Coronavirus in Australia where it halted production for his new Elvis movie.
Tom Hanks is in the movie A Hologram For The King which came out on 4/28/2016, and is about a failed sales rep who goes to the middle east and sells his company to a king. And will we see an Elvis Presley hologram tour?

A Hologram For The King=104, 94.

Total Solar Eclipse=104.

Coronavirus Pandemic=94.

From the release of Harum Scarum on 12/15/1965 to the release of A Hologram For The King is 50 years 135 days.


Harum Scarum is 1 hour 35 minutes like 135.
The Key of David=135. This is Jesus’ spoken word being brought to the church of Philadelphia in the book of Revelation.

Kobe Bean Bryant=135. Kobe was born in Philadelphia and buried in Corona Del Mar.


Donald=23, 112.

A Hologram For The King=112, 203.


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