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Back in 2004 there was a big local story about a hunter named Chai Vang who lived in St. Paul, Minnesota and he supposedly shot 8 other hunters in northern Wisconsin. This shooting happened on November 21st, 2004. A date which can written 11/21. Mind Kontrol=1121 in Trigonal. 6 died and 2 were injured, like 62. Mind Kontrol=55, 62. Sacrifice=55, 62. Wisconsin=55, 62. Mason=62. I believe Chai Vang was just an MK Ultra victim or "patsy". Patsy=27, 81, 651, 651 is the area code for the St. Paul area where he supposedly lived. The shooting happened on 11/21/2004 which has a life lesson number on 38. 11+21+2+0+0+4=38. Minnesota=38. Chai Vang=38. Murder=38. Death=38. Killing=38. Masonic=38. Wisconsin=44. Vang=44. Shooting=44. Kill=44. From Chai Vang’s birthday on 9/24/2004 to the day of the shooting on 11/21/2004 is 58