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Today, 3/16/2019 CNN has a headline about the New Zealand prime minister receiving the shooters ‘manifesto’. Today has date numerology of 58, 38, and is the 75 th day of the year. Tisha B’Av, 8/11/2019 has date numerology of 58, 38 and comes 58 days after Trumps birthday. And the shooter was supporting Trump in his manifesto. Court=58. Brenton=38. Murder=38. Death=38. Killing=38. Masonry=38. Order=75. New World Order=75. The shooters name is Brenton Harris Tarrant, and he’s due back in court on April 5 th , or 4/5 like 45, and Trump is the 45 th president. Brenton Harris Tarrant=100, 109, 134, 143. False Jews=100, 143. They’re the real ones behind this.  Shooting=109. Military=109. Tisha B’Av=134. Scottish Rite of Freemasonry=143. Brenton=88, 101. Trump=88. The address of one of the Mosque’s was 101 and highway 101