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Yesterday a story was put out about a cop shooting and killing a man in Hastings, Minnesota. The man supposedly had a box cutter and supposedly stabbed someone at a group home. The mans name is Keagan Johnson-Lloyd and the cops name is Geoff Latsch. Supposedly he was shot on the 1500 block of Walnut Street.  Monday was 10/1/2018, the day leaving 91 days left in the year. Walnut=91.  Yesterday was the day when Donald Trump visited Rochester, Minnesota. Scroll down or search to see my post on that and how it connects with 9/11, also check out all the 9/11 symbolism that’s been going on in Minnesota this year. And now this story connecting as well with the supposed “box cutter”. (Rochester=111, 9/11 is the day leaving 111 days left in the year). The story was put out yesterday 10/4/2018, a day with 52 numerology and the day leaving 88 days left in the year. (Trump=88, check the other post). Walnut Street=43, 52, 74, 146(Trump born on 14/6). Mason