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Image 75 year old victim?
Today is 8/10/2019 the first day of Tisha B’Av and Eid al-Adha the Muslim day of sacrifice. 62 are reported as dead after a tanker truck has blown up in Morogoro, Tanzania which is 120 miles from the former capital of Dar es Salaam. Illuminati=120. Fuel Tanker=157 the 37 th prime number. 8/10/2019 is the 222nd day of the year and has date numerology of 57, 37. Order Out of Chaos=222. Explosion=57. Red Heifer=57. Scottish Rite=57. Morogoro=37, 53, 116, 100. 116 is 911 upside down. Tisha B’Av=37, 53, 62, 911. False Jews=53, 100, 143. 8/10 leaves 143 days left in the year. Fuel Tanker Explosion=100. Morogoro, Tanzania=86, 202. Check Zach’s blog for more on the Red Heifer prophecy. Red Heifer=202. Blood Sacrifice=86. Tanzania=86. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania=63, 81, 333. Racism=63. Islam=81. Ritual=81. Circumscribe Our Desires And Keep Our Passions Within Due Bounds=333.
Today is 8/10/2019 the first day fo Tisha B’Av and just after getting a story about suicide and the Golden Gate Bridge yesterday, , we get the story today about the suicide of Jeffrey Epstein. 8/10/2019 has date numerology of 57 and is the 222 days of the year leaving 143 days left in the year. Order Out of Chaos=222. Temple Mount=143. Scottish Rite of Freemasonry=143. Scottish Rite=57.  Red Heifer=57. Search Zach’s blog for more on the Red Heifer prophecy and Tisha B’Av. His death comes on 8/10 which is 202 days after his birthday on 1/20 like 120. San Francisco=202. Red Heifer=202.  San Francisco, California=120. Illuminati=120. From 8/10 to Epsteins next birthday on 1/20 is 163 days, 163 is the 38 th prime number. Jeffrey Epstein=163, 73, 82. Ritual Sacrifice=73, 82. Epstein=38, 34, 43, 88,