So, government lab testing states that high temps and humidity are bad for Coronavirus and is quickly destroyed by sunlight, yet everyone has to stay inside?
Sunlight=38, 43.

Pandemic=38, 43.

High Temperatures=85, 94, 104.

Total Solar Eclipse=85, 104.

Coronavirus Pandemic=94.

High Humidity=78, 57.

Scottish Rite=57, 78.

Wuhan Coroanvirus=78.


  1. Hello. Im in South Central MN and my dad is from Barron WI. I just read your post on boofers. Very interesting to hear how numerology links things together. It's disgusting to read your evil experiences, and I'm sorry. It's scary. I have 4 kids and I have them at home now, monitoring their distance leanring materials, and it's appalling the symbolism, and evil imagery. When will people wake up? Anyways, jd love to learn more about numerology. How does someone start? Thanks.


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