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On 3/12/2020 St. Paul, Minnesota mayor Melvin Carter and the Minneapolis Department of Health have cancelled St. Patrick’s Day parades for the Twin Cities. This is of course syncing up with Minnesota governor Tim Walz as well. 3/12/2020 has date numerology of 55. Minneapolis=55. St. Paul, Minnesota=55. Timothy Walz=55. Twin Cities=67. Wuhan=67. St. Patrick’s Day=67. Timothy James Walz=67.  St. Patrick’s Day Parades=77. St. Patrick’s Day is on the 77 th day of the year because it’s a leap year. Leap Year=38, 133. Minnesota=38, 133. Timothy=38. Melvin W. Carter=163 the 38 th prime. Stock Markets=38, 56, 155. Coronavirus=56, 65, 155. Carter=65. Pandemic=38, 65. St. Paul, Minnesota=206. Seattle is the 206 area code.  Seattle=107. Melvin W. Carter III=107. Military=107. Seattle is on the 122 meridian and the first case o