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Today, 2/2/2019 the media has put out an article about 20 students making Tom Brady’s face out of 220 Rubik’s Cubes. This looks to be a 911/Saturn tribute to Tom Brady and Donald Trump. Who Loves the Patriots more than Donald Trump? Donald John Trump=220. National Football League=220. Rubiks Cube=39, 48, 69, 111, 159, 666. Masonry=39. New York=39, 111, 666. Donald Trump=48, 159. Saturn=69. 9/11 leaves 111 days left in the year.  Rubik’s Cubes=58, 77. Donald Trump won the 58 th presidential election. Tom Brady was born in ’77. Remember all the 77’s with 911. Two Hundred Twenty=77, 76, 193. Saturns Cube=35, 53, 811. Tom Brady=35 and looks to be winning Super Bowl 53. San Francisco=76. We’re watching 8/11/2019 to be the next 911 event in San Francisco. Donald John Trump=76. 193 is the 44 th prime. Super Bowl 53 is on 2/3/