Tom Hanks was in the movie The Circle which came out on 4/28/2017. The movie is about a girl that gets a job at a major tech company, like Google, and her boss, Eamon Bailey who’s played by Tom Hanks gets her into an experiment that pushes the boundaries of privacy, ethics and personal freedom. Her involvement in the experiment affects the lives and futures of all of humanity. Sounds just like what’s going on today with Google spying everyone’s phones for social distancing and ID2020. And of course the movie is also known as Melinda’s Song, like how the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation put on Event 201, a Coronavirus simulation that lasts 18 months and kills 65 million people.

4/28/2020 is the 118th day of the year with 69, 42, 24, 49, 32 date numerology.


Melinda’s Song=69.


World War=42.

Eamon=24. Kobe Bryant wore#24.

Revelation=49, 149.

3/11/2020 the day Coronavirus was declared a worldwide pandemic is 1049 days after 4/28/2017.


The Circle=47, 52, 61, 83, 233. From 4/28/2017 to Tisha B’Av on 7/29/2020 is 3 years 3 months 2 days like 332 or 233 backwards.

Messiah=47, 52, 74, 233. Jesus/Corona.

Year of The Rat=61, 74.

Jesus=61, 74.


From 4/28/2017 to Tisha B’Av on 7/29/2020 is 1189 days.

Donald J. Trump=1189.

Tisha B’Av=53. The Circle has a rating of 5.3 on IMDB.

Melinda’s Song=51, 66, 132.



United States of America=102, 132.

Eamon Bailey=48, 60, 102. Spanish Flu was 102 years ago in 1918.

World War=48, 102.


Eamon=21, 48, 126. Kobe died on 1/26.

Bailey=27, 54, 108.

Sun=27, 54.



The Circle is 1 hour 50 minutes like 150, or 110 minutes.

President=110. The Twin Towers were 110 stories tall.




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