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Image A storm saved Mick Jagger from assassination by the Hell’s Angels 40 years ago and Reuters puts out a story about it on 8/11/2007 during The Rolling Stones European Tour, A Bigger Bang? The assassination attempt took place near San Francisco and Mick Jagger is about to turn 76 on 7/26. San Francisco=76. For this to connect to The Rolling Stones, search my blog for my work on The Rock and rock slides and earthquakes connecting to 8/11/2019. Remember Trump met with Bikers For Trump on 8/11/2018. Divine Feminine=911. Tisha B’Av=911. 40 years ago was the assassination attempt? We’re seeing a lot of water and devine feminine connections with 8/11/2019 and a girl was supposedly stabbed to death during The Rolling Stones performance where Mick Jagger was dancing
Actor Rip Torn died Tuesday, 7/9/2019 at age 88. 7/9/2019 has date numerology of 55, 28. Sacrifice=55. Kill=28. He was born Elmore Rual Torn Jr. on 2/6/1931. From 2/6 to 7/9 is 154 days or 22 weeks exactly. Ritual Sacrifice=154, 251 the 54 th prime number. Elmore Torn=54. Jesuit Order=54. Torn=22, 67. Blood Sacrifice=67. He died at age 88, a number having to do with time. Time=47. Rip Torn=47, 43, 79. Rip=43, 38. Masonic=43, 38. Killing=43, 38. Death=38. Murder=79 and of course he died on 7/9. His death is being announced on 7/10/2019, the 191 st day of the year. 191 is the 43 rd prime number. Elmore Rual Torn=191, 187, 83. 187 is the police code for homicide and a huge number to the Jesuits. Murder=83.