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12/29/2019 two shootings Sunday night happened in Minneapolis and sync perfectly with governor Tim Walz. The first shooting was in the Bryann Mar neighborhood on the 400 block of Queen Avenue at 6:00pm. 400 block at 6:oopm? Like 46. Walz=46. Shooting=46. Chaos=46. The second shooting was on the 2000 block of Hillside Avenue at 8:50pm. Tim Walz=85. Queen Avenue=167 the 39 th prime. Governor=39. Tim=39. Masonry=39. Secrecy=39. Bryann Mar Neighborhood=118, 107, 226. Death=118. Shooting=107. Two Hundred Twenty-Six=93. Minneapolis, Minnesota=93 and is on the 93 rd meridian. Bryann Mar=43, 56, 106, 137 the 33 rd prime. Masonic=43. Killing=43. Timothy J. Walz=56. US Government=56. Prophecy=106. Masonry=33. Secrecy=33. Order=33. Sunday=33. Minneapolis, Minnesota=303. Thirty-Three=156. Tim Walz=1560. Minneapolis,