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Local news has a story about a large flash of light along with a loud boom that supposedly was a meteor shower that occurred 12/20/2018 at around 2am. 12/20/2018 has date numerology of 70 and 16. Meteor Shower=70, 160. Multiple people reported seeing a fireball in the sky across Minnesota and also in northern California. Fireball=38, 52, 65, 143. Minnesota=38, 52. California=52, 65. Meteor Shower=65. Scottish Rite of Freemasonry=143. A Facebook user in New Brighton, Minnesota says they heard a loud boom at 2:10am and then another loud boom and rumbling. The time makes me think about 8/11/2019 and the Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco, California=210. Boom=45, 63. August Eleventh=63. Bridge=45. Golden Gate=45, 239 the 52 nd prime number. New Brighton=63, 135. Golden Gate Bridge=81, 135. August Eleventh=81. Meteor=76. Meteor Strike=68, 76.