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A triple car bombing happened in Mogadishu, Somalia on Friday 11/9/2018, killing 18 people and injuring at least 45. Police Capt. Daahir Kulane and police spokesman Col. Qasim Ahmed Roble are mentioned giving statements in the article. 52 officials were rescued from the Sahafi and Hayat hotel. This is showing major connections between Donald Trump and Somali president Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed. This "news" is coming out the day after this happened, today is 11/10/2018, the 314th days of the year which leaves 51 days left. 314 represents Pi, 3.14, dealing with circles, ciphers, and cycles. Col. Qasim Ahmed Roble=314 (the police spokesman). Daahir Kulane=51. (police captain). Conspiracy=51. Must be a coincidence that 52 officials were rescued on the day leaving 52 days left in the year. 3 car bombings killing18? 3x18=54. Jesuit Order=54. 45 people injured? Trump is the 45 th president. Mogadishu=43, 52, 47, 56, 97, 146.