Minnesota Coronavirus update by the numbers for 4/17/2020.
159 new confirmed cases?
Scottish Rite=159.

2,071 total cases?
Atlanta GA=271. Check out Containment on Netflix. 271 is the 58th prime.


1,066 no longer need isolation?
St. Patrick’s Day=166 and is 9/11 on the 13 moon calendar.

Monetary Syatem=166.

Annuit Coeptis=166.

Twin Towers=166.

223 currently hospitalized?

106 in ICU?
Prophecy=106, 52, 110.

Minnesota=52, 110. Prince said all we have to go by is prophecy.

111 total deaths?
Minneapolis, Minnesota=111.

New York=111. New York(Twin Towers) and Minnesota(Twin Cities) were the only two states that declared a national emergency on 9/11/2001.


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