For the first time in history all 50 states are now under a federal disaster declaration.
Disaster Declaration = DD = 44.
Easter Sunday=44.


4/12/2020 is the 103 day of the year leaving 263 days left in the year with 56, 20, 11, 36 date numerology.

Coronavirus Pandemic=103.

263 is the 56th prime number.


Death=20. Here we are in 2020.

11 is the master number and here we are in the third installment of this major Tisha B’Av ritual which began with 9/11.
Pandemic=151 the 36th prime number.

Disaster Declaration=80, 127, 197, 316.


5/6/2020 is the 127th day of the year and it was leaked out that that date is the start of WWIII. Pearl Harbor day is on 12/7, building 1, 2, and 7 came down on 9/11. 

197 is the 45th prime and Trump is the 45th president.

The sum of divisors of 316 sum to 560 like ‘Coronavirus’=56.

Federal Disaster Declaration=113, 166.

Coronavirus Pandemic=113.

St. Patrick’s Day=166 and is 9/11 on the 13 moon calendar.

Monetary System=166.

Annuit Coeptis=166.

Tisha B’Av on 7/29/2020 is 108 days after or a full span of 109 days after 4/12/2020.






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