With all the fires going on in California, especially right now in Paradise City, its amazing how this all connects to Guns N Roses who made the song Paradise City back in ’88. Today, 11/19/2018 CNN put out an article mentioning how 4-6 inches of rain is expected in California and how 77 people have already died, along with a video that’s 1:43 long.
Paradise City=77.

Paradise=46, 143. The song Paradise City is 406 seconds long (6 minutes 46 seconds).


Scottish Rite of Freemasonry=143.

Guns N Roses put out the song Paradise City back in ’88.

The B-Side of the single put out for Paradise City is the song Mover To The City. (Sounds to me like they want to displace people, again).
Move To The City=171 the 18th triangular number. And of course here we are in the year 2018.

And of course the album that Paradise City is on is called Appetite For Destruction.
Appetite For Destruction=108.

Geometry=108. How fitting for this song to come out back in ’88 and the fires are now in California=88.


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