Ok, so I was looking at December to see which day is the big day to watch for a major shooting or death story in the media and December 14th matches up perfectly.
December Fourteenth=187.

Twelve Fourteen=187.

Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry=187.

12/14/2018 has date numerology of  64, 37, 19, 44, 17, and is the day leaving 17 days left in the year.

Tisha B’Av=37, 911.

Two Thousand Nineteen=911.

Kill=17, 44, 64.

Shooting=37, 44.

Israel=37, 44, 64.

Chaos=19. 2019 looks to a year full of chaos.



Talmud=17, 37.

It’s been 17 years since 9/11/2001 which stands out because 9/11/2001 was the day leaving 111 days left in the year. “They” love to do opposites, so I looked at the  111th day of the year for 2019 and it’s April 21st, the Queen’s birthday and the anniversary of the death of Prince. What really stands out though about 4/21/2019 is that it has the exact matching date numerology as 12/14/2018.

From 12/14/2018 to 4/21/2019 is 4 months 7 days like 47, or 128 days.
Power Grid=47, 128.

“They” say the next 9/11 type event could be an attack on the power grid, some sort of cyber attack most likely.

This CNBC article mentions a ‘cyber 9/11’.
Cyber Nine Eleven=77.

September Eleventh=77.

And don’t forget that on 9/11/2001, 77 minutes after take off flight 77 crashed into the 77 foot tall pentagon which is on the 77th meridian, and so much more.
So 4/21/2019 is definitely a date to watch out for and how it matches up with Tisha B’Av on 8/11/2019. But first, from 12/14/2018 to 8/11/2019 is a full span of 241 days.

241 is the 53rd prime number.

Tisha B'Av=53.

From 4/21/2019 to 8/11/2019 is 112 days (112 is the alt dialing code for 911), it’s exactly 16 weeks (sixteen=33 like false flag, Masonry and much more), or 3 months 21 days like 3,2,1, a countdown.

Here’s a few other dates to watch for as well which have the same numerology as 12/14/2018 and 4/21/2019.
1/24/2019 matches up and from 1/24/2019 to 8/11/2019 is 199 days. Tom Brady was the 199th draft pick and became the NFL’s golden boy winning the Super Bowl after 9/11.

2/23/2019 has matching numerology and from 2/23,2019 to 8/11/2019 is 169 days. 

169 has a square root of 13. 2/23 is the 54th days of the year leaving 311 days left in the year.

Jesuit Order=54.

311 is like 3x11=33.

3/22/2019 matches the numerology as well, and from 3/22/2019 to 8/11/2019 is 4 months 20 days like 42, or 142 days.


World War=42.

8/11/2019 is the day leaving 142 days left in the year.

As for it being 3/22, 322 is the number for Skull And Bones.
Ancient Mystery Religions=322.

Abrahamic Religions=322.

5/20/2019 has the matching numerology and from 5/20/2019 to 8/11/2019 is 83 days, 11 weeks 6 days, or 2 months 22 days.


116 rotated around gives you 911.
Order Out of Chaos=222.

6/19/2019 and 7/18/2019 both have interesting numerology as well even though they don’t match up perfectly like the other dates. They both have numerology of 64, 37, 28, 44, 26. 6/19/2019 is the 170th day of the year, like 17. 7/18/2019 is the 199th day of the year like Tom Brady being the 199th draft pick.
From 6/19/2019 to 8/11/2019 is 53 days, 7 weeks 4 days, or 1 month 23 days.

Tisha B’Av=53.

Vesica Piscis=53.




From 7/18/2019 to 8/11/2019 is 24 days, or 3 weeks 3 days.

24 is the reverse of 42.
False Flag=33.


This years NFL season has been crazy for predicting but I think paying attention to 9/11 connections might help out. Jesse Ventura loves to brag about being the Minnesota governor during 9/11 and saying that other than the governor of New York, Minnesota was the only other state to declare a state of emergency. I've been wondering since 9/11 if they'll go from the Twin Towers to the Twin Cities. Earlier in the NFL season, I believe it was on 9/23 that the New York team, the Buffalo Bills beat the Minnesota Vikings, which put the Vikings record at 1-1-1.
New York=111.

Minneapolis, Minnesota=111.

Even the World Series was connected to 9/11. The Boston Red Sox beat the Los Angeles Dodgers and on 9/11 the first plane hijacked was going from Boston to Los Angeles. And it's looking very possible that Super Bowl 53 will be the Boston team, the New England Patriots versus the Los Angeles Rams. Remember that Tisha B'Av=53 and well as Vesica Piscis, which is the shape of the football.


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