Back in 1958 a TV show called Trackdown had an episode titled The End of The World. The plot to the episode is that a man named Trump comes to town and tells everyone that he can save the world by building a wall. Sounds just like when Donald Trump ran for president campaigning that he would build a wall.

Make America Great Again=134.

Trump won the 58th presidential election.
Trump Announced his run for president from the 58 story Trump tower.
Trump hired 58 year old Steve Ray to be the announcer at his inauguration.
From 1958 to the year Trump was selected and announced president in 2016 in 58 years.

You can watch the episode here.

Notice the title is The End of The World.
The End of The World=70, 88.

Trump was 70 years old being put into office.

If you think this is coincidence then you must be going through life looking like this.....


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