DAM this is crazy. In the past couple days we have two stories coming out that seem to be connected. On Thursday 11/22/2018, Thanksgiving, we got a story about a shooting in HOOVER, Alabama. Then the next day on Friday 11/23/2018 we get a story about a man who died a year earlier by being run over by a tractor when his dog supposedly hit a lever causing it to run him over. His name is Derek MEAD. The Hoover Dam Creates Lake Mead!

For more on these stories please check out Zach's blog.

These stories seem connected perfectly by the numbers.
11/22/2018 has date numerology of 51 and leaves 39 days left in the year.

Hoover, Alabama=51.

Derek Mead=51, 39.

Hoover Dam=47, 52.

Dam Busrting=47.


Flood=52, 83.

The Hoover Dam will turn 83 years old next year.

11/23/2018 has date numerology of 18, 45, 52, and leaves 38 days left in the year.

Dam=9, 18.


Hoover Dam=52.


The Hoover Dams crest is 45 feet wide matching the date numerology.

The base of the Hoover Dam is 660 feet.
Derek Mead=66.

Hoover, Alabama=114.

The Hoover Dam is on the 114th meridian.

The Architect of the Hoover Dam is Six Companies, Inc.
Six=52 like flood and Hoover Dam.

Looks like we might need to be watching out for the Hoover Dam as well as the Golden gate Bridge.


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