Today, 1/19/2019, Trump Proposed Extending DACA and TPS for getting the wall built.

TPS=19, today is the 19th.

Trump wants $5.7 billion for the wall with the BRIDGE act (notice how they have bridge in all capital letters), which would supposedly protect immigrant children.
Scottish Rite=57.


Golden Gate=45.

Trump is the 45th president.
45 is the 9th triangular number.

DACA=9, 27.

Ritual=27, 45.

Temporary Protected Status=103 the 27th prime number, 337 the 68th prime number.

Donald John Trump=68.

From today, 1/19 to 8/11(which is Tisha B’Av=911) is a full span of 205 days, or 6 months 24 days.


The First Masonic lodge opened in 1717 on 6/24.


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