So on 1/13/2019 we get this story about someone getting through TSA and on board an airplane.

This is happening during the government shutdown. So of course we need government to protect us right? But of course it couldn't be the governments fault that this happened during the shutdown though right? Of course not! That's why we got this story the next day on 1/14/2019 ......

See! The government says it wasn't because of the shutdown so it must not have been, right?
So not only do we need our government to protect us so people dont bring guns on airplanes but also nothing the government does is wrong and we need to trust the government, believe in our government, and most importantly, OBEY our government.

The government and those controlling it are playing god by doing this. They're herding everyone around like sheep.
Sheep=26, 19, here we are in '19.

Herd=26, 19.

Shepherd=47, 52, 133.

Government=47, 52, 133.


  1. sheep led to the slaughter. You can only be led to the slaughter if you stayed plugged in to the news, which by the way equals death.


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