Today, 6/10/2019 there was an earthquake in Ohio, a 4.0 measuring 3.1 miles in depth, just 20 miles from Cleveland in Eastlake. This is another signal for the date we’re watching 8/11/2019.

A 4.0 measuring 3.1 miles in depth? Reading that backwards you get 134.
Tisha B’Av=134, 28. 

6/10/2019 has date numerology of 28, 55.


8/11/2019 is the day leaving 142 days left in the year and has 58 date numerology.


Eastlake Ohio=58, 68.

San Francisco=68. 

From 6/10 to 8/11 is 63 days or 2 months 2 days and 8/11/2019 has date numerology of 22.

August Eleventh=63, 81.

Golden Gate Bridge=81, 135 and the video in the article is 1:35 long.

GGB=11 and they say this earthquake happened at 11am.


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