With the fires in California we hear about the “fire-nado” and now with the crazy weather this winter we have a 40ft “ice tsunami” which used to be called an ice shove.

This happened on the shores of Lake Erie in Ontario, Canada and Buffalo, New York on 2/26/2019 which has date numerology of 47, 40, 22.

Ontario, Can=47.


Ice Shove=40 to match with it being 40ft even though it doesn’t look anywhere near 40ft in the video.

Ice Tsunami=51, 66, 156.

Lake Erie=51, 66.

Buffalo, New York=66.

New York=33.



Thirty-Three=66, 156.

New York=39.


Lake Erie=39.

Masonry=39, 42. 


Ice Tsunami=42. Doesn’t take much to know who came up with all these names.


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