Today, 2/28/2019 we have a story about the Russian River in Guerneville, California rising 45ft, leaving 4,500 residents isolated. CNN states the river has been rising steadily from 9ft on Monday.
45 is the 9th triangular number.


Today is 2/28, the 59th day of the year and has date numerology of 22.

Freemasonry=59, 58.

Guerneville=59, 58.

Healdsburg Memorial Bridge=228. 



Russian river=83, 65, 88, 173.

Flood=83, 52, 227.

California=52, 65, 88.

173 is the 40th prime number.

The Flood=40.

With this flooding story including a bridge and a town being turned into an island it makes me think about 8/11/2019, San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. Along with Alcatraz being opened on 8/11.
Guerneville, CA=134.

Tisha B’Av=134.

Guerneville, California=110, 218. 

110 is like 11, which is the big day we’re watching for in August.


For all the 45’s with this story,
Golden Gate=45.

Since Guerneville equals 58 and 59 like freemasonry, 8/11/2019 also has date numerology of 58 and is 58 days after Trumps birthday.

From today to 8/11/2019 is 164 days or a full span of 165, and we’ll see how those numbers play out, if they do.

From today to Trumps birthday is 106 days or a full span of 107.





  1. It would be interesting to find out how many forty-fours occurred in the news during Obama's years. Obviously, 45 is the signature, like a signet ring. 44 would have been Obama's signature. Maybe it still is.

  2. All this reminds me of the Egyptians and Moses during the magic showdown of plagues. You do this, and I do this more until. . . LET MY PEOPLE GO! And he did. And the people ran! ! ! like Forrest Gump. Until they didn't. Then, they wandered in the desert.


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