Browsing August 11, 2019 videos on Youtube I found a very interesting video titled We're Building! Campaign for Cathedral Sets Groundbreaking Date for August 11, 2019.

The length of the video is 4:31 like 134 backwards. Tisha B’Av=134 and is on August 10th and 11th.
This is a “groundbreaking” date? Groundbreaking=74, 146 and Trump birthday is 14/6.
Here’s the website which also has a video that’s 3:22.

8/11/2019 is the 223 day of the year.
Campaign For Cathedral=122, 365.
St. Cloud, MN=122.
San Francisco=122.
Minnesota=365 and Minneapolis, Minnesota is the 612 area code. Revelatio
On Saturday 7/13/2019 there was a major blackout in New York 42 years to the day after the major blackout in 1977. 

This is connected perfectly with the big date we’re watching out for, 8/11/2019, and also connects to the Method Man & Redman Blackout album released on 9/28/1999.

See my work on the New York skyline lighting up blue in connection to 8/11/2019 and Method Man’s Judgement Day song and album. The first blackout was in ’77. Method Man & Redman=77.

From 7/13/2019 to the anniversary of the release of the Blackout album on 9/28 is 77 days.
Power=77, 22.
Blackout=22, 50, 85.
8/11/2019 has date numerology of 22.